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Cultured marble is a precise blend of polyester resin, catalyst, fillers and pigments that is thoroughly mixed and placed into open molds that have been coated with a clear gel coat. The gel coat is specially formulated to produce a tough, durable and transparent surface resistant product. Granite is a naturally occurring material that makes durable and beautiful counter tops and other household surfaces. We at 21st Century Marble & Granite, Inc. in Pensacola, FL produce a unique range of colors, patterns and veining to suit your taste. Since every piece is hand poured, colors and patterns may vary from samples. We are also able to try and color match existing pieces!

External link opens in new tab or windowVanity Top and Floor; Full bathroom remodel Advantages of Cultured Marble and Granite:

  • Durable (Resistant to Chipping, Denting, Abrasion and Staining)
  • Elegant and Luxurious Appearance
  • Low Cost
  • Seamless Construction
  • Water and Mildew Resistant

We Use Cultured Marble for the Following Purposes:

  • Bath Tops and Integral Bowls
  • Bath Flooring
  • Bath Tubs and Jetted Tubs
  • Countertops
  • Shower Bases, Wall Surrounds and Ceilings
  • Tub Surrounds
  • Vanity Tops and Integral Bowls

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