Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the after care and long term maintenance instructions?
A1: Our product is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The glass like finish allows water to run off the walls and drain easily. You can use a soft rag/hand towel to clean the walls and any other surfaces. Do not use bleach or abrasive chemicals. Doing so will break down the protective gel coat and can cause discoloration as well as other issues. The silicone is mildew and mold resistant and only needs care if improperly cleaned with bleach or abrasive chemicals.

Q2: How long after the install can the shower/tub/vanity be used?
A2: Showers and tubs should not be used until 24 hours after install. Vanity tops/sinks can be used right away, but nothing should be leaned on or place on-top of the vanity for at least 24 hours after install.

Q3: How durable is your product and how long will it last?
A3: Cultured marble and granite is designed to life a lifetime with proper care. It is very durable and will not crack unless intentionally hit with a lot of force.

Q4: Can you give me pricing on my shower/tub/kitchen countertop? Are different colors different prices?
A4: All of our pricing is based on measurements (besides single, ready to be made pieces). The best way to give an accurate price is to External link opens in new tab or windowcall us to schedule an estimate. When we arrive, we will take measurements and go over what we can do for your bathroom or kitchen. You can let us know exactly what you would like, and we can give an exact estimate of what it would cost.  All cultured marble colors are the same price. Please ask an associate for details on the competitive pricing we have for our cultured granite!

Q5: Are your showers handicap accessible? Do you offer any safety features?
A5: We have may options and customizations for all our showers. First, we offer ramp accessibility for wheelchairs on our shower pans. We also offer grab bars of multiple sizes that can be installed for safety. Our seats have options of texture to avoid slipping off them.

Q6: Do you sell bathroom or kitchen packages? Are there any upgrades that I can add or customize?
A6: Most of our shower and kitchen estimates are package deals. We have many upgrades so you can customize the project to your liking! Come into our showroom to see what we offer today!


Here you will find more information about our cultured marble products and spec sheets for some of our products. If you don't see what you are looking for, please External link opens in new tab or windowemail us!